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Ensighter Group, a pioneering force in the travel sector, dedicates itself to transforming the way people live from every aspects with cutting-edge digital infrastructure technology. The origin of the name 'Ensighter' reflects its role as an industry leader offering insightful solutions and driving technological progress.

Our Product

We're building the next generation of hospitality digital infrastructure.


Introducing TĀLÌ, the cutting-edge AI Hospitality Revenue Management platform crafted by Ensighter Group for restaurants and hotels. Our innovative 2B AI Revenue Management solution seamlessly integrates with customer-facing conversational AI, revolutionizing how businesses optimize their revenue and enhance guest experiences.


Laureate Club is a modern hospitality reward social platform offering young and dynamic travel and lifestyle experience.


Utilizing cutting-edge travel technology, the program ensures that our clients enjoy preferred rates and special privileges without the interference of third-party providers.​



Industry's Leading Premium Hospitality Design Curator

Ensighter Group is a consumer technology company connecting premium consumers with travel and lifestyle brands. The company has membership-based subsidiary brands offering hospitality design, travel blog, and e-commerce services for our clients.


We’re looking for innovative & visionary brands in the world to join us in creating the new era of hospitality

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